Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Diaper Dan

I have 3 sons (kinda has a ring to it doesn't it?). My youngest son is 19 months old and being the youngest he thinks he can do anything his big brothers do. For the purposes of this blog, I will call him Squiggy - the actually nickname we used for him when he was just a clump of cells and we did not know if he was a boy or girl, yet. Little Squigs has a problem, he walks around constantly with his hands down his diaper. I have to put on onesies so that he cannot gain access to his favorite new toy.

Given his new found hobby, he loves to be naked. You have never seen anything run so fast as my naked child once he spots a parental unit with a clean diaper in hand - all while grasping his favorite toy in hand. We have to forcibly remove his hand from his toy in order to fasten his diaper on him. I am not certain as to why he has become so enamored of himself at such a young age, but I am sure Playboy is going to enjoy the loyalty they get from this up and coming subscriber.
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