Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Letter To My Ass

Before we rush into my post, just a note. I have posted 3 entries today. They are meant to hold people over until I get back to a computer to post, which will be a couple of days. Read them at your leisure, you have time.

This is an imaginary letter between my various body parts. I know my body parts do not talk to each other. At least I don't think they do....

Dear Ass,

We, that is the rest of the body and I, wanted to let you know that we see you! You think that we cannot because you are quite literally the caboose, but, no, we see you. You are not the plague, so stop spreading yourself around like you are! Thighs are jealous of your growth rate and are threatening to exercise. Mouth is contemplating a chocolate strike. So for the love of God, stop trying to take on the formation of the office chair you are parked in, before we find ourselves on a diet!


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