Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Morning Confessional

Confession it’s good for the soul. Try it sometime…..

As a young Catholic girl in church at St. Francis Xavier, I had one fervent prayer. I would pray and pray for just this one thing, week after week. I recall walking through my prayer and its ramifications, while staring at the ceiling of the church during mass and patently ignoring Father Fischer, droning on at the pulpit. Why, if this prayer came true, I would be a really good Catholic and my mother would be, oh, so, proud of me…. I had come up with the ultimate Catholic wish to pray for…

I wanted my daughter to be the next Virgin Mary.

In my young mind I had it all worked out; they kept saying Jesus would come again and if he was going to return, he needed a new momma. I was offering up my, yet to be conceived, daughter. My mother’s name is Mary and so, it was not so far fetched to have a daughter, name her Mary and let her bear the fruit of God himself from her womb. I thought it was saintly that I was praying, not for my greatness, but for the greatness of my daughter. It also, did not escape my notice, that if my daughter gave birth to Jesus, I would be famous, at least in the religious world and that was the biggest, most important, world to me, at the time. Screw Hollywood, I was going to get to know the Pope on a first name basis and Jesus was going to call me Granny.

Why my daughter and not me?

That is an easy one, it had to be a virgin birth and I wasn’t interested in not having sex, so, I thought it should be my daughter from whose loins Jesus would spring forth - the second time around. I would not want her to have sex, now would I?

You will note that God has answered my prayer with 3 boys. Perhaps, one of them may have a girl and name her Mary?

And, yes, if you have already seen the graphic link for this blog, I used to think they said, “fruit of the loom.” Instead of, “fruit of thy womb,” while saying The Hail Mary. Glad I got that one straightened out.
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