Thursday, November 03, 2005

Losin' It

My mother is crazy and while many of you may claim this, my mother is truly crazy and I have the Doctor's note confirming this. She is only 58 years old and has been diagnosed with dementia. It is heartbreaking and everytime she loses another skill, I get scared. When she fumbles for words, I get scared. In and of itself her disease is not funny, but since the things she does that are nutty and she has been doing them for most of my life, I consider her fair game for blog topics. If I were any kind of decent human being, I would not use her as a source for a quick laugh, nor would I poke fun at her. Good thing for you I am apparently not a decent human being and like many others I will not pass up prime opportunity to highlight my mother's idiosyncrasies.

Today Mom tells me that we have roaches in our apartment. Mind you she said this about our North Carolina apartment as well. It may be wishful thinking on my part, but I never saw one and I lived there everyday for 8 months. She was there for a week and saw and killed several. So, today, I asked if they were crickets and not roaches. I see and hear the crickets in our apartment all of the time. "No", she says, "they're roaches and they are all over the place. Pat saw them too and he killed a bunch of them. They are coming over to spray today."
"OK." I say, thinking that Pat had neglected to mention this and I am going to have him taken out by a hit man at my earliest convenience.

On my way to work I call Pat, "Do we have roaches?"
Pat says, "I don't know."
"Mom said we do and that you saw and killed a bunch of them."
"No. I did see a weird bug in the bathtub, but it did not look like any roach I have ever seen."
"Well, she told the apartment manager we have roaches and they're spraying today."
"WHAT?!! With the kids there?"
"I'll call and ask them to look first."
"Umm, yeah, you had better."
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