Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy, Happy Turkey Day, Things Are Gonna Go Your Way

I am a turkey, eat me!
- Puglsey, 'Addams Family Values'

I have fond memories of Thanksgiving day. My parents were always on their best behavior, which means, they were well on their way to getting toasted, but thanks to the tryptophan in the turkey, they passed out long before they remembered how much they hated one another.

I love the traditional Thanksgiving meal and my mom is a good cook. Essentially, I don't think I could ever hate any day where I did not have to go to school and was served mountains of mashed potatoes. I was also served a little wine, once I was past a reasonable age, at my house this would mean I was at least 7 (hey, I could drink it at church every Sunday by then).

I look forward to making the Holidays something my children with both enjoy in the future and in the here and now. This year, I will be taking them out to dinner, because I do not have a table to use for dinner. I hope this does not permanently damage my children into thinking I can cook or they should expect good turkey from me. I only left the gizzrds in once, give me break! However, I would like the rest of the day to be remembered as fun family time and the day mom let them eat pie more than once.

So, with a whole lot less alcohol and a whole bunch of napping, happy turkey day to each of you!
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