Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Snippets From My Sons

A couple of gems from my boys.

Right after I got out of the shower the other day my oldest son said, "oh, are going out without a shirt on?"

"No, girls cannot go out without their shirts on."

"How come? Boys can? Is it because people would laugh at you?"

"Yes, people would laugh at me."
Last night my 4 year old asked me, "Momma when I get bigger can I have a gun? A real gun?"

"What do you need a gun for?"

"To shoot bad guys, real bad guys." (I am a mommy that does not buy toy guns for my kids - swords and light sabers, yes, but I draw the line at guns. I suppose it is a thin line, but at least it's a line.)
My 17 month old was walking around with his hands in his diaper, again. "Squiggy, get your hand out of your diaper! Your are not supposed to have your hand in there."

He turns to me and with all the sarcasm a 17 month old can muster, he says, "I know." Which had me thinking, "You know? You know! You're 17 months old, you don't know squat."
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