Sunday, November 27, 2005

One Down, One to Go

Thanksgiving dinner at the local truck stop/greasy spoon was tasty, but not, so very healthy. We had turkey, that I am guessing was rubbed in lard and then fried in peanut oil…mmmmm, mmmm. Then, I discovered a new favorite of mine, deep fried mashed taters and we were treated to deep fried pumpkin pie.

To top off the weekend we ate at the Cheesecake Factory and I could not say no to the chocolate-peanut butter-cookie dough-cheesecake. You would have to be a much smaller woman than I to forego that treat. However, I did share, I let my sons lick the plate (okay, so, not the plate, I may have licked that too. I did let them search for crumbs on the table and possibly the floor. I would never officially sanction eating from the floor, but I may have turned a blind eye, in order to stop the begging and subsequent sharing of MY treat. I have plans to sneak my lard ass back over there early next week to try some of that Godiva cheesecake; it's a limited edition for heaven sake! How can I meet my maker and tell her I lived a full life, when I missed out on Godiva cheesecake? This I ask you?).

If this weekend was any indication; I may have to buy a couple of new pairs of elastic waistband pants to get me through the holiday season. My ass completely disregarded the memo and who gives up chocolate over the holidays? Not this gal. Here’s to New Year’s resolutions! I have a perfect track record with all my resolutions - I have blown them all before the end of New Year ’s Day. It relieves the pressure immediately and hey, there's always next year.
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