Friday, November 04, 2005

Stolen Material

I found a funny blog, for those of you with more time to waste, check it out (click on the title of this posting to get to the site).

Below is an interaction between 2 men I know. I will keep their identies secret, but I assure you this is based upon a real conversation.

John #1: "Hey, John! I went to a real Cuban restaurant last night! It was great! I had the fried guacamole balls for an appetizer."

John #2 (who is Cuban): "Fried guacamole balls? What the hell is that? We don't eat those. What was the name of this place?"

John #1: "La Havana."

John #2: "Habana is spelled with a B. They're not authentic."

John #1: "But the fried guacamole balls are awesome!"
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