Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Eating Out


We ate out last night. I rarely brave the challenges that come with taking 3 children to a restaurant by myself and the promised humiliation that is sure to follow. Last night was an exception because it was Christmas picture day.

I brought in Bud’s weekly progress report to read while we were there. I immediately started to laugh, as the comment for the week says, “We need to remember to keep our finger out of our nose.” I told Bud what it said and said, “Huh? Yeah, I like to do that.” At which point baby looks at me and sticks his finger up his nose. Clearly, there are no comprehension issues with that child.

Meanwhile, Bud and Scoots had already made their obligatory trip to the bathroom (we are doing the world bathroom tour and have visited an amazing number of public restrooms). Scoots tells me he has to go to the bathroom again. “Seriously?” “Yes, I have to go.” This is not good, as Scoots has been flowering the house with the nastiest roses you can imagine, all afternoon. I had even told him if he needed to bloom again at the restaurant, he was to go outside. “Why?” “Because, people will think it was Mommy.” (These are the kind of hits for the team, I try to avoid. It is okay to blame your children for your misdeeds, but to get blamed for theirs? I think not.)

So, Bud and Scoots head for the bathroom again. A short time later Bud comes back and says Scoots said he will find his way back. I told him to go retrieve his brother. He comes back again and says, “Scoots says he can’t stop going poop.” This statement happens right as I am leaving a message for my best friend. Thankfully, she says, she did not hear that part of the conversation.

I get baby and all 3 of us head to the bathroom. Bud, has to translate to Scoots, so that Mom does not have to stand in the doorway of the men’s restroom. I ask Bud to tell Scoots to come over to the women’s bathroom so I can help him. I hear, “But, Mom, I cannot stop.” Finally, he appears, pants down and hops from the boys' to the girls' bathroom. I send Bud back to the table to eat, while baby and I help Scoots (or more correctly, baby crawled on the floor and touched everything - ewwww, while I helped Scoots).

By the time we get back to the table, the waiter asks if we want our food reheated. It was the longest hour-and-a-half at a restaurant, in my life.

Ironically, they were all well behaved while they were having their pictures taken. All-in-all, I would say it was a quality night of family bonding.

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Bailey’s with

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