Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stupid Penis Tricks

Way back when I was dating my husband, he used to do things just to make me laugh. One of the most memorable moments came from him doing his stupid penis tricks. My husband is rather well endowed and he would swing his manliness in circles and up and down and then we would laugh and well, do other things.

One day after starting in to his routine, he was putting on a condom (safe sex people, safe sex) and as he got it on, he got carried away with the moment and flicked the top of the condom (kinda like when a guy flips your bra, only with latex on the tip of his penis)… I’ll give you a minute to visualize and think about this one…..

I think he cried, but I am not sure, as he bent over and make a whole bunch of funny noises, no straight man should make.

That was the end of stupid penis tricks and no more nookie that day either.

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