Monday, December 05, 2005

Looking For A Saviour Beneath These Dirty Sheets

It has been daunting, the last little while, to be the only parent. I am the boys only safety net and there is not relief pitcher at night, when I am trying to clean, organize and pick-up. Being the educated mommy that I am, I have employed a virtual nanny. Here is how she has evolved over the last 6 years:

TV Nanny 1.0 - Basic TV, no cable, no DVD player. She was cranky, non-dependable and not versatile enough to suit our needs. However, she was by far the least expensive of all of the nannies.

TV Nanny 2.0 - Our first upgrade. She had 3 channels that have nothing but cartoon programming 24 hours a day. She is popular with us, but lacked diversity.

TV Nanny 2.5 with built in DVD player - This nanny rocked! Kids could choose to watch whatever they want, whenever they wanted. This nanny was limited only by our ability to buy DVDs and the ability for studios to put out new ones.

TV Nanny 3.5 with built in DVD and an add on Playstation 2 - By far the best nanny yet! She works interactively to keep the kiddies entertained. The only drawback is, sometimes, she challenges them with games that are too hard and then, the children ask for mommy intervention to help out.

We have plans for perhaps TV Nanny 4.0, which would add Tivo to our nanny repertoire. Mommy is thrilled about the thought of this, as she may not have to miss her favorite shows anymore! Who cares what they say about too much TV being bad for kids? Go watch TV while I take a nice long hot bubble bath and don't turn it off until bedtime!

Fine, fine, I hate it when my kids watch too much TV. I do use it like a baby sitter, but we have 2 no TV days/week and no TV times on the weekends. I have to admit though, these days are tough. They are extra work for me, I have to plan activities and pay attention to my kids. They are the best quality time I spend with my children all week long.

Do you have children distraction vices? Food? Toys? I wanna hear the scoop.

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PS... Wish me luck it's picture day today!

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