Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Good Clean Family Fun

My oldest son has become obsessed with his Shrek 2 Playstation game. It is a nice, kids game, or so we thought. The newest character to the Shrek family is Puss-in-boots. He is a lot of fun to play, so we (hubby was in town) listened to variations on this conversation all weekend long.

Bud: “Oh, pussy, pussy, I love pussy.”
Scoots: “Can I be pussy now?”
Bud: “No, I want to be pussy, I just love pussy. Pussy is my favorite.”
Scoots: “I want to snuggle with pussy all day.”
Bud: “Mom, do you want to be pussy?”

Heaven help us (insert a visual of me throwing up my arms)! What do you say to this? We tried telling them to stop with the pussies, but then, they asked, why. How do you answer that question? I spent the weekend waffling between hysteria and mortification. Scoots loves pussy so much he says he is now to be addressed as Puss-in-boots.

All I can say is, “Thank God, he does not want to be addressed as pussy!”
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