Friday, January 20, 2006

Contrary and Arbitrary, Just for Y'all

I don't want my picture taken!

Hi, yes, I am complaining about blogging. No, not really, (for those of you who have not said, "fuck you" and clicked off my blog forever, thanks for staying)....Well, maybe a little, but I admit it is not your fault. You see, I place easter eggs in my title links, pretty much everyday, as most of you are aware. This means if you click on the title, you will see something related to the post of the day (at least in my mind it is related). Well, here are the hazards of searching for images on google.

1) Genius that I am, I googled hemorrhoids, searching specifically for images. Gee, whiz, what pictures do you supposed popped up? To this moment I cannot get them out of my head...I have lost my damn mind eraser and so, every once in awhile, they come back, in a flash, for no reason. Usually, while I am eating. Which is not as bad as the next item of the day.

2) Last night I googled 'dirty jokes' for images and saw an image that seemed to hold some promise. I clicked to see the site and it was a dirty joke site. I scrolled down and then back up, thought, "WTF was that I just saw?" and scrolled down again. For those of you with sensitive stomachs (or Yna, because the rest of you have posted some mighty twisted jokes in the last day and while, Mignon did not post a joke she talks about fever blisters popping in her mouth) skip the rest of this paragraph. It was a picture of a woman, with her ass in the air, legs over her head and she was, uh, having rear end issues, the outcome of which was landing in her mouth. Yeah, you think it's bad reading about it, try getting the real image out of your head. It is a damn good way to keep me on my diet this week. For those of you curious enough you can see it here (scroll down the page)'s bad and you cannot take me to court, I am giving you a disclaimer. Who would think this is funny?

Two more items for the day:

3) Another thing, my hubs tells me I cannot sell him with the house (a new site with more pics, you might be able to see this one) and reserve the right to get pissed off if he takes up with the woman who buys it. Why the hell not? He says, that the sooner women understand they cannot have it both ways the happier we'll be... I think it's clear, men were just not meant to understand, we can have it both ways and the sooner they understood that, the happier they would be....

4) Finally, I listen to my iTunes at work, all the time (it is allowed, as long as I am working, so, no repeats of the blogging incident from a couple of weeks ago) and I constantly, catch myself thinking, damn this dj sure knew how to pick some good music.....

Peace out!
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