Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday Morning Confessional

Confession, it's good for the soul. Try it sometime......

My sister in-law sent me an email this week asking for advice on how to potty train her daughter. I sent her a note back saying, nice, supportive things. Here is what I really wanted to send her.....

Do not! I repeat, do not potty train your daughter. I naively thought potty training my children would solve all my problems and end GW's reign of terror in one swipe.

Hell no, it does not! What you get is a child with a bladder the size of a pea, who has to go every 5 minutes and they give you about .25 seconds warning...before they pee.... About the time you clean up the mess they have pooped.

Ride the gravy train as long as you can. Unless, you enjoy visiting those cesspools of sanitation in Wal-Mart and the gas stations, because you will see them! Each and every stinking one of them! And she will want to touch things and crawl on the floor.

Just a suggestion.


I hate potty training. I live in fear of the day it is time to train my youngest. How on earth are you not supposed to be angry at the little miscreants, when YOU KNOW they pee and poop on your couches, floors and walls, just to make you angry? Then, they have the gall to look innocent and cry, I'm not buyin' it. Don't get me started on the books that help potty training, either....they make it sound like it's a snap. Well, I have news for every potty training author out there; if it is left up to boys, they would wear diapers until puberty.

Public Service Announcement: It is De-lurking week. De-lurk and tell me your favorite city to visit (actually, everyone can tell me this, but it is a way to help lurkers to overcome their commenting aversion).

Random Comment: I am soooooo looking forward to work today. At least I have the power of my favorite bra behind me.
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