Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened

Everybody dance and shout! I have broadband at home! It's a grand old time of surfin and blogging once again! I feel like a new woman.

I wanted to relay to you a serious of unusual things that have happened in my life over the last 24 hours or so......

  • I realized I may have gone over the line of acceptability in the driver aggression arena. As I was traveling down the highway, yesterday, okay, speeding at around 15 over the speed limit, I realized I was seriously thinking to myself that it was okay to hop in front of a school bus, because there weren't any kids on the bus?!! I had a complete, insert record scratch sound, moment of, "do you hear what you are saying to yourself." I backed off the gas pedal and reduced my speed by 5 mph or so....and waited until I was far enough in front of the school bus to get around it. That bitch in the BMW, on her cell, though, I totally cut her ass off.

  • I received an email from a male friend of mine, that displayed him dressed in drag as Roseanne Barr. I actually hit my head on my desk, at work, because I was trying to suppress my laughter. I would post the pics here, but they were accompanied by death threats, so you are going to have to visualize on your own.

  • Today I get an email telling me I had to blog about this. Apparently, I have been eating away a goldmine for YEARS! I may bid on it and post a picture of me eating it. Ten dollars for shipping is a little rich for my blood, I will probably just buy a bag of chips and pretend I bought it from eBay. What does it say about a woman who eats one of these things?

One last thing for the day; if anyone is in the market for some prime real estate in Idaho Falls, Idaho, I offer up this cute house. Tastefully, decorated and painted by a genius of a woman with a visceral loathing of wallpaper. For a small fee, I will even through the husband into the package.


I just read about Brooke, go over and give her some blogger hugs.

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