Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Prayer for Work Day Meetings

Dear Lord, as your most humble servants in the workplace, we ask that you bless this meeting. Please do not let it be long or tiresome to the point at which we can stayeth awake no more. Grant wisdom to the dork running the meeting, so that they may understand when a conversation is woefully off track and be quick to get the offenders to shut up and move it along. Please let the techie nerd who finds it impossible to wash his clothes or his body, suffer a total system meltdown. So that the rest of the team need not suffereth his abundant belly hanging out from beneath his holy shirt, nor, his nose picking throughout the afternoon. Let us secure an internet connection, so that we may explore in thy sacred name, throughout the meeting. Give us free lunch and let us out early, with no deliverables.


Thank you for all of your kind comments and well wishes from my post last night. I have put away the whine and cheese and I am feeling better today.
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