Monday, June 19, 2006

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We bring the following story to you as it unfolds, not live and in blogger time:

Well, folks it appears there is a contributor to the world famous blog of 'The Ditsy Chicks', known as ‘Denice’ has been avoiding the hot topics of her life. It appears that the ennui she is cultivating in her life and her blog are due to 2 major developments in her life.

Rumor has it that she and her husband have agreed to call it splitsville. That's right you heard it here first, the uberfamous blogger is separated from her husband and they have agreed to split the silver, er, um plasticware. Don't worry though, we hear she and her estranged spouse still interact enough to irritate one another on a regular basis. No further comments were available at the time this was published.

Also, due to the egregious amount of money daycare has been trying to extort from Denice for the care of her, dear sweet cherubs, who are really no work at all, she has shipped them off to their grandparents for the summer. Yes, she is now a swinging, single, woman with no children and no curfews. She can drink, dance and fornicate her way through Phoenix!!! Isn't that great news? Look for some great papparazi shots of her in a news rag near you.

--Wanda Noseupyourhiney - Man Rider Knews

Translation, by Denice

1) Hubby agreed to a divorce, no paperwork has been filed as of yet. No drama to speak of, either. He is still my friend, but we cannot live together.

2) My children are at Grandma's and they will be with their daddy on the weekends. Phoenix is too hot for 3 kids to have all of 20 feet of play room for the summer. I miss my children and there are not really any more words to describe how I feel about their absence.

Take it away Wanda....
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