Monday, May 15, 2006

Musings on Motherhood

Things I wish someone would have told me about Motherhood:

 It will be many years before you will be able to finish your own meal or dessert
 It will be many years before you will be able to go into the bathroom alone. By yourself. Without spectators. It doesn’t matter what function you are performing in the bathroom – showering, bathing, etc.
 Another human being’s poop and vomit will not make you gag – in fact, it will have the ability to elicit feelings of relief, celebration, empathy and love
 You will have the ability to sniff another person’s head for hours on end – and you will want to
 You cannot control the emotional outbursts of another human – even if that human hath sprung forth from your own loins
 You will not be embarrassed by having your husband, your mother, the doctor, the midwife, the nurse going off shift, the nurse coming on shift, 2 pediatric nurses, and some guy training to be an EMT, in a dark room with 2 very large spotlights aimed directly at your nether regions with very large salad spoons hanging out of it

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