Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Shit, The Fan and Everything Else In Between

Just in case you wanted to is my thought process in deciding what to wear during the week.

1) Does it need to be ironed? If the answer is yes, discard as an option immediately.

2) Does it fit? Yes, this is number 2 on the list. god, how I hate ironing.

3) Does the shirt match the pants? Or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof....

4) Does the outfit work with the 115 degree temp?

5) Is it flattering? Actually, this does not matter at all and if you knew me in real life you would be keenly aware of this....

6) Was the outfit in question in style within the last 15 years?

7) Any visible holes?

If none of the above applies or can be found, it's off to the drycleaning pile to discern if I had discarded them a bit too hastily. Really, if there are no visible stains, wrinkles or noticeable smells it can be worn again. Really....
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