Wednesday, June 07, 2006

If you do this.... STOP IT!!!!

Disclaimer: I haven't taken my meds in a while and everyone and everything seems to tick me off lately.

I work in the IT department of a fairly large company. My location in Utah is the main Call Center. Fortunately, our customer service reps (CSRs) work from home, but they do have to spend the first 4 weeks in training. The training lab is on the same floor as the IT department. I absolutely HATE it when there is a new CSR training class in session. We have to share the breakroom and the bathrooms with them.

First of all, they fill up the fridge and the freezer with their lunches because they are too cheap or too poor to go out. And the fridge never gets cleaned out so their lunch bags and carrot sticks and half-eaten sandwiches are causing all kinds of nasty refrigerator funk. Even if you could wedge your lunch between the chocolate milk jug and the fridge light, you wouldn't be able stand the smell of it after it's spent any length of time in there - hey, there's a diet plan I haven't tried yet :). That's not the worst of it... on or very near the end of day Wednesday, the soda machine runs out of Diet Coke. This is very bad. I MUST have my Diet Coke in the morning (because well, we Mormons take our caffeine cold, thank you very much).

Having worked in IT for the past 10 years, I've gotten quite selfish about not having to share the Ladies Room with very many other ladies. The majority of our CSRs are women - stay-at-home moms. Most are very pregnant stay-at-home moms. Heaven help you if you have to pee during a break in the training curriculum because you'll be waiting quite a while. I have to stand in line. STAND IN LINE. I've NEVER had to STAND IN LINE to use the restroom at work. NEVER!!! I think they ought to put in some kind of seniority system to where those that work on this floor permanently can go immediately to the front of the line and we have first choice of stalls. But that's not the worst of it... Yesterday, when I finally got my own stall and I'm minding my p's and q's, I hear someone next to me talking. Oh, I hope to All-That-Is-Good-In-The-World that she is talking to the person next to her. I listen. No one is responding. Good Lord, NOT AGAIN!!!! Yep, you guessed it - she's talking on her cell phone. While she's using the bathroom. While I'm using the bathroom. While EVERYONE is using the bathroom!! Wouldn't you think that the person on the other end could hear the tell-tale sounds of a restroom? The echo, the water running, toilets flushing, paper towels being lowered and ripped, etc. Here's a hint, NOTHING YOU OR I HAVE TO SAY IS SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU NEED TO TALK TO ME WHILE YOU ARE USING THE BATHROOM!!! I can wait 3 minutes. Really. And so can you. Just trust me on this.
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