Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Your Cheatin' Heart...

No, no it's not what you might be thinking. I did something terrible today, but not that....My oldest child has been sick for the past couple of days and we were all going bonkers in our rat cage apartment. Not to mention being behind at work. So, I made everyone get dressed and took them to school as usual. Except, after I dropped the 2 youngest off in their classrooms, I backtracked and picked up my eldest. I figure if he's gagging and acting like he is going to throw up, he does not need to be at school, but 1 more day of being stuck in the apartment with 3 crazy kids was going to be the end of me.

So, I lied to my youngest kids and I asked my oldest not to tell. I also let him watch TV on a 'No TV' day. I might have taken him out to breakfast....as well and no, I did not take him to the bookstore to buy new books.....I don't know where they came from.....

I would tell my 4 year old, but he would come unglued and everyday for the rest of his life, he would cry and make sure I did not go back and pickup my eldest and go home with him. I am a guilt ridden mommy, but not one that is a glutton for punishment.

I did get a nice day of bonding with my eldest and I picked up a couple of trashy novels at the bookstore....can't wait for bed tonight, I'll be cuddling up with Nick, a rich bachelor in Florida, looking for the soon-be-transformed-from-fat-and-frumpy-career-gal to his dream girl! God, I love fantasies.....in this one, I am going to dream that he takes out the trash and clips my toenails without complaint...mmmmmmmmm
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