Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Recently, I went shopping at Target with my children, not all together uncommon, since I have a fatal attraction to the place. I find it amusing to listen to siblings talk to one another when they are in the store. I have a few of the comments, between siblings, from our most recent Target excursion, listed below:

“Don’t touch me.”

“If you give me another flat tire, I am going to kick you.”

“Stop skipping down the aisles.”

“Get that out of the cart, we don’t need those cookies.”

“You hit me with the cart ~ on purpose.” (Resulting in a, "Did not." "Did, too!" "Did, NOT!" exchange.)

“No, you take Squiggy (my 4 year old son) to the bathroom. I am not going with him.”

“Mom said that you can’t buy anymore new shoes.”

“That coloring book is for babies.”

Yeah, l think it might be rather relevant to mention, the siblings in question were myself and my brother, not my children. These are all things my brother said to me while I was in the store. Some people just never grow up!

The final thing my brother yelled at me, before we left the store was…

“Don’t spin down the aisles with the boys. One of you is going to fall!”

Good thing he didn’t have any of his own kids. I don’t think he is a very patient person. ;-)~
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