Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I eat my lunch everyday, pretty much with my same 3 friends. Normally, we just eat in the cafeteria in my office, where I think there motto is, "twice the calories, with half the flavor" and the cooks there specialized in cooking bland, mushy foods for nursing homes while in culinary school. I can't validate that for sure, so just consider that statement an educated guess.

The one good thing the cafeteria has going for it, is the salad bar. Everything there is fresh and there are lots of veggies and fruits to eat. Everyday, I make myself a spinach salad, which I rather enjoy, but yesterday, they didn't have spinach on the salad bar and I just couldn't do the iceberg lettuce salad. I believe this may place me in the realm of a salad snob, but there you have it, I hate iceberg lettuce.

So, my friend and I bit the bullet and stood in the long line for the grill. We both ordered and then, I made myself some fry sauce. I need to stop here for a moment and mention something about fry sauce.

I am from Utah. I think fry sauce, along with green jello salad with carrots are the state food. It is the only place in the nation, where you can go and ask for fry sauce at a fast food joint and get it handed to you in packets, like ketchup. People love the shit. What is it made out of, you ask? Ketchup and mayonnaise, that's it, but to those of us raised on it, it is the nectar of the gods. They even made a fry sauce collectable pin for when the Olympics were in Utah. I am proud to say, I have one.

They don't have fry sauce pre-made here in Arizona (heathens), so I went to make my own, half mayo and half ketchup in a cup…I even put the lid on it. That didn't stop me from dropping it a few minutes later…having it splatter all over the floor and my friend's legs and shoes. She was wearing a dress yesterday, so at least I didn't ruin her clothes. I grabbed napkins, she stuck out her foot and I wiped off the splattered remains of my beloved fry sauce, then I cleaned up the floor. We were the entertainment in the lunchroom at that point. It's okay, though and I did make some more sauce for my french fries.

Once we were seated with our other two friends, we recounted what had happened to us while waiting in line. At which point I turned to my friend and said, "yeah, I looked up your dress while I was cleaning off your feet."

To which she responds, "that's okay, did you notice I didn't have my panties on today?"

I love my friends, in a non-sexual hetero sorta way, of course.
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