Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

I am spacey on my best day. When I am stressed, my ability to perform ridiculous feats of stupidity reach epic highs. On Sunday, I was having a whale of a day (had a lot on my mind – see below for details). Here is how my afternoon went.

Someone brought me flank steak, because I was too lazy to drive 3 miles to the nearest store to go find one. Yeah, I let someone drive 20 miles to buy me flank steak for my dinner, I don’t know if that makes me really clever or really selfish, probably both. I was making fajitas and was going to grill the steak. After letting the steak marinade for awhile I went to turn on the grill, that, unfortunately, appeared to be attached to one very empty propane tank. I’d blame my husband for this travesty, but, I don’t have one.

At this point it was decided we should order pizza. The delivery time was 45 minutes to an hour. I thought that was too long to wait, so I told them I would pick the pizzas up. About 25 minutes after ordering the pizza, I went to go get it. I arrived, went to pull out my debit card and suddenly, had the clearest memory of shoving it into my coat pocket after using it to buy groceries earlier in the day. I, then, recalled neatly hanging the coat in the hall closet of my house. Sigh. I went home, found my coat, got my debit card and 50 minutes after ordering and deciding not to wait for the delivery guy, I had my pizza.

The good news is this brought endless amounts of amusement to the person who delivered the flank steak to begin with, so, I didn’t have to feel too guilty about being a lazy slob.

Really, really glad I bought the behemoth bag of M&M’s to help ease the pain of the day.
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