Sunday, February 01, 2009

My Hot Date Saturday Night

This incredible, exciting, talented, handsome and suave gentleman, was my escort to dinner Saturday night. How did I get so lucky? Well, you can be sure that since this in my blog, I am going to tell you.

As you may have guessed this is my 4 year old son. This story begins a couple of hours before dinner, my oldest son had spent the night with my parents and we had not picked him up, yet. My youngest two were outside playing with one of their friends in the neighborhood. This friend, who is the same age as my middle son, asked if my middle son could spend the night. I told him it was okay, as long as his mother agreed. A few minutes later, his mother came by the house, said middle child could stay and they were going to her parents for dinner, could he come with them? I told her that would be fine.

My little 4 year old suddenly says, "Mom, can I have my shoes on?"

"Honey, no, you can't play outside by yourself."

"I'm not going outside, I am going with brother."

"Honey, you can't they are going and they don't have car seats for you in the car."

This exact conversation happened twice more in the next five minutes. Then, tears. I am almost completely immune to the 'you got in trouble and were warned several times before you were grounded' tears. However, the 'you were stuck with your mother because you are too little' tears, they made me want to cry right along with him. My little one, laid on the stairs and cried like his heart had broken (I can so completely relate to this).

"Do you want to go to dinner with just Mommy? You can pick where we go."

"Okay, YES!"

I ended up talking him into Macaroni Grill (I guess that means, he didn't quite pick where we ate, but in his mind he did and that's what counts, right?). It was pretty easy, I told him you could write on the table cloths with crayons. "Do they have mac and cheese?" "Yes, they do." "Okay, let's go there."

My 'date' for the night and I, drew pictures on the table. I would start drawing something and he would finish it, we drew a Dr. Suess type castle and I taught him how to draw birds in the sky. I drew what was written on his shirt and he finished drawing the shirt and turned it into a self-portrait. We shared an apple cripetti for dessert, he ate the ice cream (ahem, what I actually shared, that is...) and I ate the crispetti.

"Mom, I had fun and I'm going to tell brothers I colored on the table and that they had mac and cheese and it was GOOD! I love you, Mom."

"I love you too little one. Thanks for keeping Mommy company, tonight."

"That's right, because if I weren't here, you'd be scared."

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