Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Don't Come Around Here No More

George W. Bush you have fucked up my commute for the last time! This is the FOURTH time I have had to endure closed roads and horrific traffic for your motorcade. I had to put up with your motorcades 3 times in North Carolina, alone. Two of the times you were not even Prez, yet. So, I move 2,000 miles away and what happens? You visit Phoenix, on the night I have to take my husband to the airport. I spent a total of 2 hours and 20 minutes in traffic thanks to your lame duck presidency. While you rode through closed off roads during the Phoenix rush hour. How considerate of you. I only wish you could have also enjoyed the added bonus of my 3 screaming children, who wished they could have left with Daddy, because, I could not get out of traffic to get them fed.

A note to my readers; this is not necessarily a rant because it pertains to G.W., I would have strangled Clinton if he was the one responsible for trapping me in the car, with starving children, for that long. I am not ordinarily a political person, as I like to think that I have better things to do with my time than try to reform politicians. Although, if you have read 100 things about me you can probably guess that I don't care for G.W., but I could also say that about most politicians, democrat or republican. Unless they are raising/lowering my taxes or fixing daycare, they do not affect my daily life and I don't give a rats ass what they are doing or not doing in Washington. If you want to have a political debate, go find one of the pundits’ blogs, there are enough for either side; they think they are educated on the issues. I am not. At this point in my life a newspaper only comes in handy when I have run out of toilet paper.

Oh, one more thing, I do think you should vote. That gives you 4 years of, “I didn’t vote for the sommofabeotch,” bragging rights. That’s pretty important conversation material and also, seems to have something to do with the democratic process.

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