Monday, November 28, 2005

Gluttony, Gluttony and More Gluttony on the Side

I had a TV and movie overload this weekend, it was fabulous, I recommend this to anyone. I started out by taking my children to see ‘Chicken Little’. A cute if almost completely forgettable movie, but the kids liked it.

The next day I took care of myself. I could have gone for sex, love and violence, but, no, at 10:30 am on a Saturday I sat my butt down to go mano a mano with Lord Voldemort. A kids movie without my kids? I’ve gone soft. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, almost more than the book (they did a great job bringing the book to life). One of the reasons I opted for this movie is Ralph Fiennes (see ‘The English Patient’ to understand this sentiment). I will admit he is a little on the scrawny side, but with the British accent you can overlook that flaw. Also, apparently, in British parlance his name is pronounced Rafe not Ralph. Let me explain how this pronunciation is better for the high points of your life…”Oh, Ralph, Ralph, Ralphie….?” versus, “Rafe, Rafe, oh, Rafe, RAAAAFFFEEE!” Ahem, much sexier. Anyway, he does not look at all like himself in the new Harry Potter, he is creepy and disgusting. Why do men do this to us? Cary Elwes did this after ‘Princess Bride’. We fall in love with you and then you turn into a serial killer, appear in ‘Saw’ and the most unforgivable act was “Robin Hood, Men In Tights.” This is too much like my real life relationships and who needs that?

My final coup was ‘Desperate Housewives’. Since I have missed it for the last several weeks much of it went over my head. However, Gabrielle, the young, beautiful, spoiled, rich, housewife has a cat fight with a nun, Sister Mary. At one point Gabrielle says something along the lines of, “It’s not better to be poor. That’s just what we tell them, so that they don’t start rioting.” You just cannot argue with that kind of logic.
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