Monday, November 14, 2005

The Best of The Weekend

There was a lot to be accomplished this weekend and once again, I accomplished about 10 out of the 100 things I set out to do. Since I have not posted since Friday, I thought you might enjoy the best of my weekend.

Best Bumper Sticker - "We're all wearing the blue dress now."

Best conversation between myself and my children -
Scootie is playing with his toys, "Look, Bud, I have the good Anakin and the bad Anakin."
Bud replies, "Bad Anakin sucks! He sucks because he is a sucker."
Mommy jumps in with, "Where did you learn about the word sucks, Bud?"
He replies (sensing a trap, because of my overly sweet tone of voice), "Nowhere and no one. Uhh, actually, Spongebob."

Best T-shirt - And she lived happily ever after.

Best Craft Show - Fountain Hills, Arizona. (I cannot afford any of the shit they are peddling, but it is nice to know how untalented I really am and to admire the talent these craftspersons have.)

Favorite Show I missed (again!) - Desperate Housewives. Two weeks in a row! I am going insane, someone please take pity on me and tell me what is going on!

Favorite Purchase - Two mugs from the aforementioned craft show. Forty bucks, for two, forty bucks! They'll be broken before my credit card payment is due.
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