Friday, November 11, 2005

Shopping In Phoenix

Before I get into my real story for the day, I should mention that I am actually in a really good mood today. It is no heels Friday and my feet are dancin'.

I have had my first experience with blogging actually getting me in trouble. You see I read the A rated books from the Smart Bitches blog and had to run out to B&N and buy them. Of course, they only had a couple of the books and I will be forced to spend hours on the Internet surfing for the rest of them, but with the books I did purchase and the free time I have, we’re looking at about a 2 year supply of reading.

Here is where I get into trouble. Walking out of the store, a lady with 2 kids in the car starts asking me if I could help her.

Lady says, “We’re out of money and we need gas, could you help us?”

I take in her children and the spanking new Honda Accord and say, “No, I do not have any cash on me.”

Lady says, “Well, it does not have to be cash you could follow me to a gas station and we could use your credit card.”

“I have to get back to work for a meeting.”

“What about your cell phone, can we use your cell phone?” (All the while her oldest daughter? pulls up the hood on her sweatshirt and tries to sink into the seat.)

“No, you can’t.” (I checked and I do not have gullible tattooed across my forehead, really!)

“You are such a bitch!!”

“Yeah, well, that’s life.” (Damn, how did she peg me so quickly?)

Um, this bitch is the one who used her cell phone to call the cops on your ass. Have a nice day.
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