Thursday, January 05, 2006

Paprika Palace

We have made it to San Diego and back. We had such a great time, there is almost no snark left in my bones. Almost. I would like to direct your attention to the picture below.....


Was this picture taken at:

a) a local women's prison, where I spent time for my drunken midnight beach prowl?
b) a bathroom in Uganda, where they torture their detainees?
c) a public restroom in Mission Beach California?
d) or a bathroom in Tijuana, Mexico?

The correct answer is 'C' and all I have to say about this facility is it is about 5 minutes from Sea World. If you find you have to go to the restroom while on the beach, drive to Sea World, fork over the $50 entrance fee and use their restrooms, it is worth it! This bathroom, did not even have sinks. Do you think you were supposed to dip you hands into the toilet or the ocean to clean them? Whatever you do, don't shake hands with anyone you have just spotted coming out of the facilities on Mission Beach.

Although the doorway to the bathroom makes a nice frame for this next photo.


On to why this post is named Paprika Palace... As we were leaving the beach, some Asian tourists stopped next to us, rolled down their window and asked my husband, "Do you know where the public parking is?" My husband looked puzzled and says, "No." I started laughing and said, "Yes, it's one block straight ahead." "Okay, thank you."

I turned to my husband and said, "You didn't understand I thing they said, did you?" "No, I thought they asked where the Paprika Palace was? And, I wondered how you knew where it was at...."

Wow! Look at the time...gotta run!

Good to be back in bloggerland folks.
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