Monday, March 09, 2009

Girls Out On The Town

Last weekend, I had a bit of a girls’ weekend. Myself and a couple of friends went out to a movie, stopped by an Irish Pub and then we went shopping.

The movie was ‘The Reader’ with Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes. Sigh, Ralph. I have to say, they did nothing to make him look good, in fact, I rather think they did the opposite. However, he still has his glorious accent and it is Ralph, how bad can it be?

This post is about the wine drinking, both my friend and I had a couple of glasses of wine and then, decided to head over to Victoria’s Secret. I restocked, it was all good. As I was checking out, the very sweet and frigging tiny salesgirl said, “Do you like these tissue bras?” They don’t work for me.” I looked at her, I know she was indicating they were see through and was she thinking I had somehow missed that point? I told her I would wear them with a dark shirt. “Really, I just don’t think they really seem to work.” Okay, that was your last chance, sweetie. “They are for a date.” I said. “Oh, well that is a good idea then.” Honestly, honey, you work at a lingerie shop…it never occurred to you that women (maybe my age threw her?) buy some of these things for slightly less than practical purposes?

On we went to a clothes store, where I tried on some pants and shirts. I made my friend look at the stuff I tried on. She started yelling at me.

“You didn’t grab any 10s did you? They’ve been hanging off you for a month now.”

To which I exited the room telling her, “Nope these are 8s and LOOK they fit, really well.”

“You see how amazed I am they fit, been telling you that for a month. Now turn around, so I can see your ass.”

I bought a couple of pairs of pants, that passed the ass inspection. As I was checking out, my friend ripped a piece of tissue paper off from my Victoria’s Secret bag. I turned to her and yelled as she was walking away….

“Hey, I thought you swallowed!”

“Nope, I am a spitter!”

I looked back at the clerk, saw her face and told her she was going to have to excuse us.

Note to self: No more shopping under the influence.
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