Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Getting Organized Is A Bitch

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I am trying to mend my evil ways - organizationally speaking. You may not believe this, but I am a disorganized wreck, on most days (stop snorting, it is not lady like).

Lately, I have been very good about cleaning and keeping my place looking respectable. I get clothes out for the boys each night, I pack snacks and I have been reading all those notes that come home from school and following through on their requests (Can Johnny please bring a toy for each class member? Can Johnny please bring a stocking? Can Johnny please bring a snack for the class? Can Johnny please bring pictures of his family to share? Enough already! I need peace, not homework for myself!) Anyway, I am organized, a new me.

Sunday, in a panic to have the place clean for the new furniture (see lovely pictures above), I may have relapsed a teensy-weensy bit. All right, a whole hell of a lot. I shoved toys, boxes and clothes (possibly even food) into every available orifice of my apartment. Our closets are now death traps; I twisted my ankle trying to get my clothes for work this morning. I am going to have to spend the next year sorting through all of the crap I shoved around. But, as you can see my apartment looks clean and organized, so, really, was I so wrong?

Fine, I re-start on project organization tomorrow. I am not up to it today. Tomorrow, I promise (we should probably discuss my procrastination issues, as well, later).

Drink of the day:



1/2 Cup Pineapple juice
1/2 Cup Lemon juice
1/3 Cup of Triple sec
1 Cup of Brandy
1/3 Cup of Grenadine
1 Bottle of White Wine
2 Bottles of Champagne


Mix all in Punch bowl over ice. Add Champagne just before serving. (32 servings - you must share this, do not attempt to finish this one off by yourself... unless, you are a professional)

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