Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ask Ditsy

Are you going to B List Blogger get together?

Alas, no. I cannot attend. I am trapped with 3 children and a visiting brother (whom I love and am ever so grateful to have him travel to the badlands of Arizona) that week. But, you, YOU can go! If you are interested in getting together with some very cool and nice bloggers, the first of June-ish in the South, please email Arabella at arabella at trattoriabreve dot com. I strongly encourage you to go, if you can. Take lots of pictures and have lots of fun, for me!

I am planning on participating in the Breast Cancer 3 day walk in Phoenix, Arizona, November 3-5. If you are interested in walking, click
here for more information. Each participant must raise $2,200 to walk, but you have time. I have conned convinced my best friend, Yna, into doing this with me and you can join The Ditsy Chicks team, as well. If you cannot walk, but want to donate, you can click here or email me (click on the contact me button on the left hand navigator). Three days, 60 miles and more than enough walking to have our collective asses hiding in fear for their lives, what more can you ask for? If you cannot join us here in Phoenix, there may be a walk closer to you. If you join the race because of this post and let me know that you did, I promise to donate money towards your walk.

Breast cancer is a serious disease that has taken the lives of so many women and most of us know someone with the disease, recovering from the disease or we may find ourselves battling breast cancer during our own lifetime. I will talk more about Breast Cancer and how it has affected women I love, in time.




If you have submitted a question to Ask Ditsy, you are not forgotten, if you have not submitted a question, send me an email and let me know the burning questions you are seeking answers to and I will respond.

Now, if will excuse me, there is a man in my bed and I need to go see if he is interested in some breast awareness of his own.


I tried to post this post last night and Blogger would not co-operate. You are also going to notice that Yna's real name is, if you click on the link to my 3 Day Team page. Yna has approved of my outing her. You will notice our disposition for calling each other by our names - backwards - hence the URL for my blog...ecined and Yna is the last part of her name. Now you know.
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