Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ear Infections, Sleep and Doozy Quacks

I'm back, what's that you say? I'm sorry, whadda, whodda, whadda? You didn't whaaaaat? Notice that I was gone? Whew, that makes me feel better for my lack of progress on not only my posts, but my reading. Ack, the truth is I went undercover as a spy to Russia, hooked up with a sexy counter agent, saved the world and had some great sex.

I wish.

I did catch the bug that my son had, as did my middle child and slept almost all weekend long, suffered from a loss of all energy to do anything but order pizza, fuss at my kids and sleep some more. This is kind of like a mini holiday around this place. I plan on catching up with y'all this week and throughout the weekend. I missed you and I hope you are all doing well.

My youngest still has an ear infection, which forces me to add this little tidbit.

Dear Dr. George:

When I tell you that the last 3 times my son has had an ear infection, he developed a reaction to Amoxycilin and Zithromax did not work for his ear and we had to go the shot route to get him over the ear infections, DO NOT smile at me, order Zithromax and tell me to bring him back in for a recheck in a week. UNLESS, you are willing to live with the screaming, whining, crying and angry baby for that week period. If you do not believe the idiot who brought the child in (a.k.a. the mother), you could refer to those pieces of paper in my son's file written by other, highly educated assholes, generally referred to as Medical Records, to confirm what the idiot is saying. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Now take your stethoscope and shove it in your piehole, oh and that will be $20.


The Idiot (who was right by-the-way, na-na-na-na-na)
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