Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dating the Principals Son

Over the course of my life, I have done a few stupid things. Ahem, yes, a few, THAT was not a typo. The thing that brought this maneuver to mind is a meme The Queen Mama birthed some time ago. It asks you to describe your first kiss. It should be great, yes? You should like the guy, yes? Fireworks? Visions of Knights and Castles? Fornication True love? Well here is my story (and sorry the 50 word limit is out the door for this one).

My first kiss was to a guy named Mike, he was the son of the Principal of our school (hence the name of the post, I am, oh, so clever). Mike worked at the record store with me, at least on his breaks from school, during Christmas and summer. He was tall, good looking and had dark, red hair, he was strong, self-assured, educated, older than I was and he scared the shit out of me. I was young, foolish and had no idea where I was going in life and Mike intimidated me with his self-assurance and cynicism - he was so brittle, he put me to shame. For whatever reason, he and the other guys at the record store asked me out, all the time. It really had nothing to do with me, I was their prize of the moment and like everything else, that fades. I figured if I said yes to him, the other guys would leave me alone for awhile and Mike was going back to college in a week, so, how bad could it be? And, as I mentioned, he was good looking, I was not thinking this was a hardship on my part.

From that day forward, he went everywhere with me, lunches and then, he wanted to go out at nights. On our first date, we ended up back at my house, after a nice dinner (it was nice, except for the waiter flipping the soup into my lap). We sat out underneath the stars and he kissed me. He knew I had never kissed a guy before and that would infer I had not done anything else either. He asked if he could kiss me and I said, "yes". He went for the teeth-grinding-tongue-in-the-back-of-your-mouth kiss. I well, gagged and his breath! I realized how much stronger he was than me, when he took my bra off and I pulled away. How did we go from a kiss to the bra in a 5 second period? I have no idea, but he wanted to keep going, I wanted him to keep going, too...home. Finally, I talked him into leaving (where are your parents when you need them dammit?) and avoided him for the next 2 days.

He sent me a dozen roses and a romantic note. I wrote him a thank you said, "Thank you for the flowers. They were lovely. - Denice"

The next time he saw me at Christmas he was pissed at me. Pissed! I was afraid to be anywhere near him. I never saw him again after that. I wonder, even now, if my 34 year old self could handle him - emotionally, intellectually or otherwise.

So, there you have it. This is what you get when your first kiss is not based on romance, respect or interest. I don't think I would change it though, it taught me something and I can appreciate the edification,
but dude, next time, at least have some gum in your pocket.

For the record 585 words.


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