Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Confessional

Confession, it is good for the soul. Try it sometime.

This one came to mind from
Teeb's post about embarrasing moments.

I took Spanish in Junior High. My teacher was Senor Horton. He was a wind bag, he would throw a ball and hit you as hard as he could, when he wanted you to answer a question. Usually, it was just as you were dozing off and the drool was starting to come out the side of your mouth.

As I was sitting in class one average afternoon, I noticed a certain something on the floor of the class. "Oh, goodie!" I thought, a chance to embarrass the prig. I raised my hand. "Yes, Damacida (stupid ass Spanish name I was assigned in class)?" "Uh, what are those?" Pointing towards the offending object. "Well, I don't know, they are not mine." "Uh, huh and what would you be doing with a pair of girl's underwear in your classroom?" "I don't know, they are not mine."

The class was filled with giggles and snickers. I sat back, filled to the brim with self-satisfaction. That is, until I feel a tap on my shoulder and a girl whispered in my ear, "I think they're yours. I think they were hanging out the leg of your pants on the way into class." I glanced over and damn if they did not look like my favorite pair of purple underwear. "No, they're not mine, I would never own underwear like that, " was my response.

So, since they were not my underwear, I will also tell you that I did not get up late for school that day. I did not spy a pair of pants on my bedroom floor that looked reasonably clean. I did not throw them on without noticing the previous pair of undies were still inside the pant leg of the previously worn jeans. Uh, that means this is not a confession at all. Sorry about that folks, nothing to see here, just keep on surfing......
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