Monday, February 27, 2006

Life is the Shits

I am sick of this shit. Literally. I cannot stand to see or smell anymore dog poop and I do not own a dog. I must pass 20 - 30 piles of dog poop on my walk to the park with my kids. It's in the sand at the playground, along the sidealk, in the rocks in the breezeway right outside my front door, all over our apartment grounds (where I would like my children to play) everywhere, but in the damn trash can.

I would like to say to these very responsible pet owners (yes, I know most people do clean-up after their dogs, this is to the ones that do not);

"If you would like me to share in the joy that is your animal, clean-up after it. Otherwise, I will schedule a time, when it is convenient for you, of course, to have my 23 month old come over and decorate your carpet, free of charge. As an added bonus, he can also fingerpaint on your walls."


Good boy, now go sit in the corner and lick your balls or something.


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