Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oh, The Place You Will Go

A list of places I have left my purse/wallet:

The car,
My parent's house,
My friend's house,
My boyfriends house,
A yet to be determined spot a couple of days ago....

Worried I should not be, the great wibbly snee has used all the credit cards to their limit - very inapropriately! The great family bankus account is as empty as the zich-a-zulf gulf, which was once filled with green waters and where the fabulous grubber-groused froozle kinoozle would swim and sing its sweet song. It is my great name and reputation that would concern me the most, if I had not managed to lose it in a game with a bandersnatch knoosh a long time ago, now, that was something I am sure you would have all paid to see!

$%&$&^&^&^%&^%&^%friggenbacher, if they could just make a purse that would learn to follow me home, this problem would stop!!!!!

*----* *----* *----* UPDATE *----* *----*

I took the kids for a walk tonight and as I was approaching the front gate to the complex, there was a mini-van trying to get into the complex. I assumed it was someone who forgot their key (again) and kept on walking. A lady stepped out of the van and said, "Can you help me, I found this wallet....." "MY WALLET! Thank God!" She explained that the person with her had found it (he only spoke a little english), he worked on the landscaping at Chili's (do I go there too much or what?...almost every Tuesday night, it is the Southwest eggrolls and Molten cake) and found it laying in the parking lot. His name was Jesus and he did not want any money. I said thank you again and they were on their way. Thank you Jesus, thank you! See and here we all thought I was not a religious person.

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