Monday, January 30, 2006

File This One Under 'A No Brainer'

Little Miss Controversy rears her head today!


Dear Charlton Heston,

I don't respect you and I hate the NRA. I am unabashedly liberal on gun control, no apologies and I will not be changing my mind about this issue. This is no longer the Wild West and the gunslinger mentality has got to go. To me it is simple, if every average citizen does not have a gun to carry to every conceivable function (a gun in church? Honestly, you need a gun in church?), there would be less gun related violence. Period. But, noooo, we sell guns and bullets like candy. "Hey, honey, stopped at a pawn shop today and picked up a sweet glock."

And, really what does anyone need an AK-47 for? To bring home little deer pieces, such as, this?

I am fine with hunting, but if you have a gun, keep it home and lock it up. I think guns are also fine in the hands of a trained professional, not the average citizen. I know there are days when it is a very good thing I don't have a gun or there are a couple of drivers out there with who would be sporting a nice cap in their respective asses. We, your average citizens, (and postal workers) should not be carrying guns as we go about our everyday lives. We are not trained in anger management or how to handle a gun and we may not even have a license. It's enough to scare the holy spirit out of me. Put your guns down and back away! Apparently, everyone outside of the United States has figured out our gun fetish is causing our gun violence problems, why can't you?



This topic is at the forefront of my mind, because of Mickey D's this weekend. As I sat there, watching my children play, I realized the 3 boys that were already in the play area were brothers and the oldest boy was, well a bit of a bully. He was much bigger than his brother and he was pulling and hitting him, while Dad yacked on his cell phone. Bully child managed to corner my oldest son and trap him in the toy. My son and the Bully's brother started banging on the plexy glass and yelling for help. My son yelled he was trapped and Bully child was hitting and kicking him. I told the boy to let me son go. As I turned around, Dad was off the phone staring at me. I resisted the urge to mouth off about his child's behavior and sat back down. When the family got up to leave a few minutes later, Bully's brother told his father, he was being punched and kicked by his Bully brother. Dad said, "well, stop being such a wuss." As they walked off I noticed a gun clipped in Dad's left hand pocket.
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