Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Holy Hypocrites Batman!

This morning, as I sat in the residue traffic from a auto accident that had been cleared away 30 minutes before, I realized the car in front of my was an Audi, new with a softop. "Jerk," I thought. Every person who has a nicer mode of transportation than I do, tends to end up in this category and given that I drive a vehicle with 3 car seats in it (or as I affectionately call it, 'The Traveling Garbage Can'), that gives me a lot of people to put into the jerk category. Anyhoo, as I stared at the car, I realize the frame for their license says “PETA.org”. I look at the inside of the car and yep, the guy has leather seats in his Audi.

Earlier in the day I took my shirt to the cleaners. I had just picked up the shirt and realized they had managed to rip one of the buttons off. Not wanting to give my work anymore gossip these days, I took the shirt in to be repaired, with the rest of my dry cleaning. “I’m sorry; we don’t do repairs or replace buttons.” Apparently, they can take them off, but don’t ask them to sew them back on.

So, we all probably have a little hypocrisy in us, I tell my children not to swear, but as you can see from my blog, I haven’t exactly eliminated profanity from my vocabulary. In fact, it is more like I embrace it. Do as I say, not as I do…anything you will admit to on the home front?

One more admission, I am so tired from the kids last night, I am going to miss my nightly rounds to my blog buddies tonight. I love comments and reading your thoughts, I hope that each of you come by each day, but I am giving myself over to some much needed sleep. As you can see from this post and the couple of comments I did manage to leave, I need sleep to become coherent. Kids - 2, 4 and 5 am, different kids, different issues, same momma.

Pat and Jerry

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