Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ask Ditsy

Thank you for wishing me a speedy recovery and your warm reception to Yna.

Here it is my inaugural "Ask Ditsy" post.

My first question comes from
Holly. She asks....

"Why is sneezing like an orgasm? Why, since someone told me that sneezing is like an orgasm, do I like sneezing so much now?? Why, since learning to harness the power of sneezing by looking into a light have I not only improved my ability to control sneezing, but my orgasms have improved??

Can you tell me this?? Huh??"

I did a little digging around and there is an apparent relationship between sneezing and light, it is called the "ACHOO syndrome" and you can read it about it
here (you thought I made that up didn't you?).

I also found this on

"One reason that the sneeze is attractive to a person may be its parallels to sexual orgasms. The period of expectation, the expulsion and the after-effect is a comparison to the cycle of that of an orgasm. Both fetishists and non-fetishists report an enjoyable feeling gained after a particularly good sneeze."

Here is my answer:

I had never heard of this before, but I want what you have. If you figure out how you control the sneezegasm, write a book. You will be one heck of a popular person and a millionaire to boot. I want the first copy.



My second question comes from The Gradual Gardener.

Dear Ditsy Chick,

My mother just started her own blog, But, it's pink. Pink, I tell you! Should I read it anyway?

The Gradual Gardener

Here is my answer:

Dear GG,

I have visited The River Witch and I seeth no pink. The witch hath played nasty tricks on your eyes and you must go visit the optometrist post haste. Also, if your mother is writing a blog, it is your duty to patrol it for embarrassing childhood stories akin to this one. Especially, now that other nosey bloggers are bound to blogroll her site and wait in anticipation for any potential blackmail material we they can find.



Thank you Holly and GG for submitting your questions. I will be doing this each week, permitting I have a question to answer. So, send in whatever you want, click on 'contact me' on the lefthand navigator.

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