Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Chocolate "One Eyed Wonder Worm"

A very NC-17 post for Super Bowl Sunday.

For my 21st birthday, my friend purchased a chocolate, "one eyed wonder worm" for me. It was something similar to the picture above, but much, much more realistic. It was handmade with some TLC and looked like the real McCoy. One of the first things I did with it was, whip it out (hasn't every woman always wanted to say that?), show my boyfriend (now my husband) and tell him, "look, I have a penis!" I was proud of my penis and I kept it in the fridge for months, but regardless of the fact it was supposed to be made of the finest chocolate, I could not bring myself to eat it. I couldn't do it. Eventually, I realized it was time for my penis to go and out it went, still in its original box. I miss it every once in awhile.

Which makes me wonder, if chocolate melts at body temperature, what if it had been used for, uh, other things. Would I have a chocolate coated....nevermind.
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