Thursday, March 23, 2006

Friday Morning (okay, Thursday night for some of you) Confessional

Confession, it is good for the soul. Try it sometime....

I have stated that I was an angel as a child. I was always the good girl, well behaved and never in trouble. To refute this, my mother sent me my Second grade report card as incontrovertible proof that my assertions were untrue. It is not the grades that she wants me to relay to you - they are all As and Bs, in fact, for 4th Quarter, I had straight As. The problem is with the comments in the back.

First Quarter --

Denice needs to settle down. She is a good student and I enjoy having her in my class.

-- V. Gomez

Second Quarter --

Denice is picking up bad habits at school. She does not come in on time from recess. She is so worried about her boyfriend that it is affecting her work and school habits.

-- V. Gomez

Third Quarter

Denice's behavior needs to improve. She should be one of my best students, but her behavior and attitude is holding her back.

-- V. Gomez

Fourth Quarter

I hope you enjoy your new school (I read that as, "Thank God, she is not my problem anymore!"). I'll miss you. Work hard next year.

-- V. Gomez

My boyfriend's name was Shane Bailey, he was dating my best friends Jenna and Janet and I, all at the same time. I had to work to keep his attention. My teacher was a bottom heavy teacher and as she walked down the hall with the other 2nd grade teacher, who was her best friend, we used to say, "ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom." I consider my ass to be retribution for this rather unkind commentary.

Yes, fine, I may not have been the angel I stated in some of my earlier posts.
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