Sunday, September 02, 2007

Rock on Sista


How are you? I am fanfucking-tabulous....minus the fact that I have had sex once (1, un, uno..) in the last two years. Wait, let me 'splain, I mean with another person, okay, well since I am not all that exciting, specifically, a man. Seriously, at a recent happy hour it was brought to my attention that I need to lie about how many men I have slept with. Do you know why I was told to lie? Because the answer isn't a high enough number and it appears to invoke, pity from others when I mention it.

"So, Ditsy, how many men have you slept with you ask?"

The answer would be TWO men, not at the same time (see not exciting comment above). One was the Greek Frat Boy I dated in college and the other was my current spouse.

About that spouse person, I have indeed filed for a divorce. I thought you might want to know that I have done the deed and once we get through the red tape, it should be complete around November. I am not really sad about this, in fact, I am relieved and to be honest, I think Pat is as well. So, don't be sad on my account.

The biggest change is that I am going back to my maiden name, which no one will know, because I did not know hardly anyone in my life now before I got hitched, 12 years ago.

Moving on.
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