Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Talk with My Oldest Son

On Thursday, I took the day off and went on a field trip with my 10 year old. The field trip lasted from 9 am to 8:00 pm and was at an outdoor center near Phoenix. It was a long day, but I have to be honest, I learned new things and I know my son did too. We ended the night singing under the stars with the teachers and all the fourth graders from my son's school (it was freezing, but reminded me of my camp days as a kid, in a good way).

A few times during the day I noticed my son was not paying attention to key instructions and after the second or third time this happened, I lectured him. The fourth, fifth and sixth time I caught him not listening and following instructions, I lectured him quite strongly about paying attention (when I probably should just be grateful it isn't just his mother he doesn't pay attention to on any given day).

I thought it over and talked to him today about the lectures I had given him.

"Do you remember the couple (cough, cough) of times I told you to pay better attention during the field trip? Bud, you have to pay attention to directions. "

"I am and I am going to pass all my classes."

"That isn't the point, it is important for getting on in life, but I am sorry I was so stern with you on Thursday, I had a wonderful day and should not have been as abrupt as I was with you."

"Hey, mom, where is our car?"

"Bud, BUD! Are you listening to what I am saying?"


He then looked at me and started laughing.

"I couldn't help myself," he said. "C'mon, mom it was funny, you have to appreciate that."

I did laugh and then proceeded to shake him, playfully, by the shoulders.

I am now quite certain he gets what I was saying AND he has inherited the smartass gene. I am such a proud momma.
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