Thursday, November 10, 2005


I am new to blogging, but clearly I am addicted. It all started when my best friend Yna set-up her blog and it has gone down hill from there. I have been perusing the blogs through links from other blogs and comments on my blogs and you are all great. She also clued me in to Dooce, which I love, but I have enjoyed so many of your postings, that I have forgotten to read Dooce for a couple of days.

Here are a few of the highlights or lowlights depending on your point of view.

My Best Friend (who has found her voice!)-

Everybody Loves Her (she also has some great links from her site) -
Crouching mommy, hidden laundry

Just plain funny (more than one in this category)
- Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels
- Random Ramblings (my favorite post is entitled Spam...It Isn't Just The Meat In The Can Anymore)

Most Clueless Blogger - (somebody may want to drop him a hint)

Mommies Unite
- Mom of Many Male Youngsters
- White Trash Mom (could be in either funny or the mommy category)

As always, read - I think I am safe in saying - she started it.

There is so much great stuff out there! You make me laugh and think and it is amazing how often I think I could have written what I am reading.

Wow (a little tongue in cheek)... over 100 hits to my site as of yesterday. I love your comments, thanks to anyone determined enough to rustle through my typos to read my posts.
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