Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Don't Ya Wish You Were Hot Like Me?

I have never, ever considered myself to be someone that people look at and wish they could be me. But, it would be nice, every once in awhile, to not be the person everyone in the room does not want to be... Last night I had to run to the pet store to get bedding for our hamsters (Ariel and Aladdin, it used to be Ariel and Jasmine, but Jasmine did not even make it for a week. They are my 2 oldest sons’ pets. Really, they are my pets, I feed them, clean their cages and actually think they are fun to watch every once in awhile. As far as teaching my children responsibility with a pet – i.e. feed them and water them or they will die, we’ll peg this one as a complete failure. Which is why we do not have anything larger as a pet, but I digress).

I took my 4 year old, Scooter, and 19 month old, Squiggy, with me. Before we actually made it to the pet store, I walked over with my sons to get the mail. Squiggy insisted on walking by himself and walking through the grass, because it was wet. I packed them into the car and we were off. We went all through the store, we looked at fish, birds and reptiles. All the while, I get odd looks from other patrons – great, I know my shoes don’t match, but I have a no heels policy after 5, leave it alone people! I pack the kids back in the car and I could swear Sir Poop A-Lot, has done it again.

I arrive back at my apartment and my mother immediately says, “What’s all over your shirt and pants? God, it is even all over the back of your shirt.” Thanks for pointing out that I am the napkin for my children and maybe those looks at the store were not due to my shoes – I think. Just as she says, “eeeeww, look at the dog poop all over Squiggy’s shoes, did you have him outside? I thought it was his diaper.”

My white shirt and tan pants are now soaking at home and I am calling the apartment manager to talk to them about the poop issue again!
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