Sunday, June 22, 2008

Internet Love Song, Part I

The Conversations

This is an excerp of a couple of conversations I had last week. The first is between L and A, two of my friends at work.

L - Have you ever seen a Playgirl?

Me - Yeah, when my dad had them piled up when I was a kid.

A- No dummy a Playgirl. Unless there is something you're not telling us about your dad?

Me - Oh, sorry, no he had Playboys. However, both publications are for men, one for the straight guys and one for the guys who like guys.

A- Well, we had one copy of a Playgirl at our dorm in college

Me - Did the pages get sticky?

L (ignoring me completely) - There was this one guy I swear he could have thrown that thing over his shoulder.

A- Kinda like Tommy Lee.

Me - I don't recall him being that big, from the grainy photo I saw on the Internet.

A- He was huge, you would run screaming if that thing came at you.

Me- No, I wouldn't

Two pairs of shocked eyes looked at me.

These conversations led me to believe I was wrong about Tommy Lee and I needed to go check my facts. More to follow.

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