Sunday, June 15, 2008

When Life Hands You Lemons, Ask for Tequila and Salt


What you are looking at, is not a prehistoric pictograph, but my 4 year old son's artistic masterpiece. Doesn't he have talent? Can't you clearly tell the pirate with the sword? Then, there are some wonky scribbles that look like a cursive 'A'. My son, he's a genius, n'est pas?

I would keep this for posterity, but, alas, we'll have to live with just the photo memories, as he chose to place this masterpiece on THE WALLS of my hallway upstairs! What is left of his art binging is what you see before you, after scrubbing the dry erase board marker with windex, erase board cleaner and water, to no avail.

So tomorrow, our "project of the day", will be painting this patch of the hallway and the part of the wall in my bedroom, that looks a little like a Jackson Pollack. Such talent, my boy has.

When this was discovered, I will share a little secret with you, I got just the teensiest bit angry with my 4 year old Da Vinci. I might have put him in his bedroom and proceeded to lecture him (and a slightly increased volume) about his choices of medium, slammed the door and told him not to come out until I deemed it safe for his ongoing survival. It might be worth noting that my oldest son asked me, after I finished my lecture, if I thought the neighbors had heard.

Below is a picture of my son and his work of art, to show you that he is still allowed to move freely in the world and is not chained to his bed with a bowl of water and box and Fruity Pebbles next to him.


One final note, the next time I lament feeling like I have nothing new to post about, I will kick myself.

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