Monday, February 25, 2008

A Letter to Star jones

I wrote this to Star Jones, while she was denying she had both bypass surgery and cosmetic surgery to remove extra skin, after her weight loss. I believe she has since admitted to having both surgeries.

Dear Star Jones,

Congratulations on your phenomenal weight loss! It is commendable that you have lost over 100 pounds, without surgery. With your amazing new look I can only ask – "without the benefit of surgery, where are you putting your extra skin?" I, myself, have lost, oh, 50 or 60 pounds and have not had surgery, but let's be honest here, I cannot afford the surgery, it is not because I didn't want to have it done….and well, I can use my extra skin flaps for holding my laptop – I can use binder clips and carry home my groceries. It's an ecofriendly pouch! So, really where does all your extra skin fit in those size 6 pants? My skin fits into a six, as well, the rest of me goes into a size 12. Perhaps the elasticity in your skin should be analyzed in a lab – distilled and marketed to all woman, as its ability to not sag must be remarkable. You could call it STAR POWER!


The Ditsy Chick

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